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  • Deb Cooke-Kellner says

    The wedding photo of Theo & Leah Swainson…

    IF it is possible that Love can have it’s picture taken, YOU have done it. Simply adore this photo of two of THE most beautiful people! Thank you for posting it!

  • Mutya says

    I first started ruinnng when I was 30 and continued for about a year and stopped. I picked ruinnng up again at 40 ran 2 5ks in March and April (the first 3 weeks after starting to run again) and jumped into training for a half-marathon in October of that year. I think I trained too much too fast because during the course of my training I injured my hip and battled with it for two months. I had to take time off from training but was able to complete my half-marathon without further injury. Since that time I’ve run 11 more halfs and a full marathon. I have taken it easy during the training and not re-injured myself but I would like further guidance to remain injury free.

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