Baby Bob / Calgary Photography

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  • brent wolsey says

    What a cute baby and look at that head of thick hair

  • Joyce Kroeker says

    What a beautiful baby boy! and what a handsome older brother! and what a wonderful little family! I am so proud to be able to say that these two little boys are my great-grandsons and that those proud parents are my grandchildren! Thank you for the photos…I must learn how to print them to add to my family collection.


  • Bob Kroeker says

    Best wishes to Nelson & MaryAnne .
    Gorgeous young fella, with amazing blue eyes!
    And, of course, the perfect name :)
    He shall be a skier someday I assume.
    Take care,
    Uncle Bob

  • James Kroeker says

    Can’t wait to meet this little guy! Grant appears to be thrilled with mini-me. Mom and Dad too.
    Very nice photography – please let us know how to order prints.

    Jim Kroeker

  • Elizabeth Kroeker says

    Those are wonderful photos capturing such a beautiful family celebrating their new little addition. Baby Bob is absolutely adorable and Grant looks like a sweet older brother who is also adorable.

  • Florence Stokes (Burgess) says

    MaryAnn! What beautiful babies you make! They are just gorgeous! You have such a lovely family. Congratulations. It doesn’t seem that long ago you were playing in our back yard with Marilyn.

    Florence Stokes (Burgess):

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